Learning for tomorrow, today / ICTTALK consultant - adviser / Education Technology

What I Do

Experienced Education Practitioner

As an experienced education practitioner I can provide support for schools and groups of schools across the age range not only in Computing but also in the use of technology to support the achievement of learning objectives. This can be tailored to the needs of departments or individual members of staff.

I will also work with companies to support them in bringing a product to the educational market or during the research and development stage to provide an educational context. I am happy to be involved in aspects of marketing for products with which I have a shared vision.

Now that local authorities and schools commission outside bodies and individuals to undertake particular tasks and roles, my background in local authority work means that I am also able to offer a valuable contribution here too both in procurement and as an experienced trainer.

I am a multi-skilled consultant also able to undertake research type roles such as action research and will provide other services like report writing and authoring of materials both for pupils/students and staff CPD.