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Some 'whizzy' bits!

Key objective

Using ICT to resolve the dilemma of demonstrating standards in KS tests while learning and teaching in a 21st century way (i.e. collaborating, communicating and creating)


Use the recorder tool in IWB software to make a 'how to' video. Really good for parents who want to help with homework. Children can make similar videos to demonstrate learning. 

Teachers can record their instructions when their absence needs to be covered in a short movie that can be played back by students as many times as they need.

PhotoStory is an easy introduction point to making video for both staff and pupils. Available for most versions of Windows.


A 'radio' news report to demonstrate learning or a podcast to engage parents. Download Audacity, a free app. Beware the easy but rather fiddly requirement the first time you export as mp3.

Talking apps

Blabberize is good for this too and you can upload your own pictures and make the mouth move.

It's important not to worry about being perfect. Remember 'little victories'! It's also important to remember that there is no one 'right way' and beware the snake oil salesman who tries to convince you that this or that new app is what you should be using. The question to ask is, "Will this help me achieve my objectives?"

Collaborating (and shortening)

Sharing a presentation







Teaching and Learning resources from SEGfL and the National Education Network

British Pathe

National Archives

English Heritage

Tag Galaxy

and a bit of self publicity


Using everyday stuff innovatively
MS Word is something we use daily but can be used in a lot of unexpected and useful ways. Here are two 'how to' videos. the first shows how to create a writing frame and the second how to use sound. If you are using MS Word 2003 then there are videos for that version on this page.

Creating a writing frame


Using sound in MS Word

Engaging parents, recording a visit, demonstrating learning...


Blogging from a mobile device.




London 2012



History games http://playinghistory.org/

Maths games http://www.tutpup.com/

Rock the docs

Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation

When to use ICT

When it will:
  • allow pupils to investigate or be creative in ways not possible otherwise;
  • give them access to information not otherwise readily available;
  • engage them in the selection and interpretation of information;
  • help them to think through and understand important ideas;
  • enable them to see patterns or behaviours more clearly;
  • add reliability or accuracy to measurements;
  • enhance the quality of their presentations;
  • save time, for example, spent on measuring, recording or writing.

Framework for teaching ICT capability: Years 7, 8 and 9 (DfES 0321/2002)

Three questions
  1. Does ICT bring something extra to this lesson?
  2. Is ICT in this lesson aimed at my objectives?
  3. Are we learning in a 21st century way?

And nobody mentioned mathematics, digital storytelling, making websites, Google Earth, information literacy, programming, movies, cartoons, games, iPads, social networking, Google docs, screencasting...
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